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When might you need a business valuation?

Our valuations team have completed over 125 formal business valuations to suit a range of circumstances, including:

  • Selling a business where you are looking to determine a sale price or negotiate with potential buyers

  • Buying a business where you require a second opinion on a purchase price and/or assistance in negotiating with the vendor.

  • Business succession planning where you are looking to not only determine the value of a business to transition to new owners, but also require a sound valuation methodology that can be applied to future transactions.

  • Business restructures where you require a valuation that is prepared in accordance with ATO requirements and can therefore be used as a basis for calculating tax implications (including capital gains tax concessions).

  • Litigation support including divorces and other disputes where the value of a business can have a significant bearing on the financial outcome of all parties. We can act as an independent valuer of businesses, and can prepare valuations that comply with court requirements for expert witnesses.

Who can Muntz & Associates provide valuation services to?

Muntz & Associates have provided valuations to a range of users, including:

  • Accountants

  • Bookkeepers

  • Financial planners

  • Solicitors

  • Business agents

While Muntz & Associates is an accounting, taxation and advisory services firm, we offer our business valuation services to others in the industry and respect the relationship that other professionals have with their clients at all times.

Muntz & Associates work collaboratively with other professionals to assist and support them in delivering a quality service to their clients.

What experience does Muntz & Associates have?

The Muntz & Associates valuations team is led by Ryan Muntz, Partner and Pheobe Taylor, Manager.

Ryan and Pheobe have a combined 31 years’ experience in the accounting industry in Albury, Melbourne and London and combined 15 years’ experience in preparing business valuations.