CLOUD ACCOUNTING2021-04-07T13:42:05+10:00

Although there are some accounting services which are perennially in demand, there are also some which emerge from on-going advances in technology. At Muntz & Associates Pty Ltd, one of the newer services which we find is in increasing demand is cloud accounting: using sophisticated software, your accounting details are stored on remote servers.

A remote server is capable of storing enormous amounts of data. The cloud services we offer provide several benefits over more traditional accountancy methods. Suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes, they are an excellent alternative to paper-based methods of accounting, or using systems where the information is stored in-house.

One of the biggest advantages of using cloud accounting software for us is the level of security your business and your customers can enjoy. The cloud servers we use invest extensively in their security, minimising the risk of a successful hacker attack. Given that businesses can now be prosecuted for failing to take sufficient care of clients’ data, our cloud accounting solution is a good way of ensuring you put the security needs of your customers and your organisation first. We can set up varying levels of password protection, ensuring that employees from different sectors and at different levels in your management chain can access an appropriate level of accountancy data to complete their roles successfully, without compromising the overall integrity of the system.

Unlike other forms of data storage, which may not be accessible exactly when you need them, cloud storage can be accessed whenever necessary, from any remote location. Not only does this make it easier to work flexibly around the clock, it’s also ideal for companies with an international dimension, where working hours span one or more time zones.

One of the major risks when data is stored in paper form, or on an internal server, is that the system will be damaged due to fire or flood. There is also the risk that hard formats can be stolen, creating potential security breaches. Cloud accountancy solutions removes these risks – fire and flood proof, virtual records on a remote server are also some of the most secure you’ll find anywhere.

A great solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes, we believe that cloud accounting represents the future of efficient, secure account storage and processing. Contact Muntz & Associates Pty Ltd to find out more about how cloud accounting could transform your accountancy operation.