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At Muntz & Associates Pty Ltd, we have a detailed understanding of the unique requirements involved in lodging tax returns for the Defence Force in Albury and Canberra. Our experienced tax accountants will handle all of your Defence Force tax needs, ensuring you fulfil all of your compliance obligations, while receiving any exemptions and deductions that you’re entitled to.

It’s crucial to use a tax accountant specialising in this type of tax return, such as Muntz & Associates Pty Ltd, as general tax agents may not be aware of all the regulations, exemptions and deductions that are involved.

Some things you may be unaware of when lodging a tax return for the Defence Force:

  • If you travel for work in your own vehicle, this can be tax deductible

  • Defence Force tax returns have different Medicare sections and, if these are handled incorrectly, could result in you owing money

  • All of the equipment and gear that you purchase for your Defence Force role can be tax-deductible

  • You may be entitled to specialised tax rebates if you’re posted in remote areas of Australia

  • The living costs you spend while you’re on recruit training can be tax deductible

  • If you have a depreciation schedule for an investment property while you’re in the Defence Force, this may result in you receiving thousands more on your tax return

  • If you have ended up being medically discharged from your posting, you may be entitled to a tax offset

  • Even if you are several years behind on lodging a tax return, we have the expertise to be able to help you catch up in a single consultation.

Our tax accountant has extensive experience lodging Canberra and Albury Defence Force tax returns for the Air Force, Navy and Army, for all ranks and specialities, such as:

  • Defence Force students who are currently studying at either Military College or the ADFA

  • Members of the Defence Force who are either currently deployed or have spent time serving overseas

  • Members of the Defence Force who have other investments including properties, shares or managed funds

  • Members of Special Forces Units – we are aware of what can be disclosed for tax purposes and what needs to remain off-the-record.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation to discuss your Defence Force taxation needs. We will take the stress out of lodging your tax return and ensure you don’t miss out on any exemptions or entitlements.