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Filling an annual personal tax return is a stressful time for many self-employed and small business owners. And with the tax code becoming more ever more complicated each financial year, the process is only going to get worse.

That’s why you should consider employing the services of an experienced personal tax accountant. A good accountant will not only help you compile your returns more efficiently but will also ensure you claim for all the expenses you are legitimately entitled to. This can end up saving you more than their initial fee while also reducing the amount of stress involved in filing your return.

Muntz & Associates Pty Ltd are a small, family-owned practice who provides a range of services geared towards helping individuals with their Personal Tax Returns Australia wide. With over 30 years’ experience providing tax advice to small business owners in the Albury and Canberra area, we have the experience to help you file your annual return while taking advantage of the deductions you and your family may be entitled to.

Our knowledgeable team can also help audit previous claims to ensure you are not making claims which could result in hefty fines from the ATO. This includes claims for personal expenses which are currently the subject of a crackdown from tax authorities.

Personal Tax Services we provide:

Income Tax Returns – We can help file income tax returns on behalf of retirees, self-employed individuals and family trusts. Our team can advise and prepare your annual return ensuring your tax liability is minimised as much as possible. Our experts also keep abreast of all the latest changes in tax law to ensure your return is compliant with the latest legislation.

Capital Gains Tax – With careful management of your business and assets, Capital Gains Tax liabilities can be minimised. We can advise on a number of solutions which can be used to ensure you remain compliant with the law but don’t pay any more than is strictly necessary.

Many sole traders and small business owners have complicated financial affairs which need to be carefully managed. We can provide a range of services to ensure your assets are being used efficiently to limit the amount of tax you have to pay while still providing a generous rate of return.

If you would like more information about the range of personal tax services we provide, contact our team on 02 6041 3488.