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If you want a smarter, more tax effective option when saving for retirement, Muntz & Associates Pty Ltd specialise in self-managed superannuation funds. While superannuation can appear complex, with the right advice you can find the right strategy that will enable you to set yourself up for retirement, while minimising the amount of tax you pay.

Our accountants specialise in superannuation advice and can advise whether self-managed superannuation (SMSF) would meet your needs.

We can also advise you on the transition to retirement (TTR) rules, salary sacrifice and how other retirement income streams can affect your superannuation.

Our accountants have a detailed understanding of superannuation regulations and contribution options such as:

Our accountant has a detailed understanding of superannuation regulations and contribution options such as:

  • Employer superannuation guarantee

  • Employee superannuation allocated salary sacrifice contributions (which are forfeited as super, rather than a taxable form of income)

  • Voluntary contributions from the employee (after tax)

  • Any government co-contributions an employee may be eligible for after tax

  • Self-employed deductible contributions

  • After tax non-deductible contributions for an individual, which may be eligible for government co-contributions

  • Spouse-related superannuation from splitting or co-contributions

Muntz & Associates Pty Ltd offer a complete range of superannuation services for business and personal requirements including:

  • Estate planning

  • Superannuation strategies for wealth creation

  • Self-managed superannuation fund advice, set-up and structuring

  • Tax planning

  • Lodgement of tax returns for SMSFs

  • Assessment of conditions for access to your superannuation

  • Corporate trustee structures for your SMSF

We’ll take the stress out of saving for retirement as our accountants have a detailed understanding of personal and business-related superannuation compliance, taxation, auditing, investment and administration. With our expert advice, you can focus your time and energy on making the most of life and planning for retirement .

Contact Muntz & Associates Pty Ltd today for further information about our Albury and Canberra superannuation services and discover whether a personal or self-managed superannuation fund is right for you. We’ll tailor a solution that will help you grow your wealth for retirement, while still allowing you to do all the things you enjoy. Our team will provide personalised advice and create a superannuation strategy to suit your superannuation goals at present, as well as in the future.